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Ever imagine a world without clothing gender distinction…


Is it even possible… 


It almost sound as if we were talking about a futuristic movie;  you know, one of those where people walk around in tunics and layers of clothing all looking the same. Well… may I say that we are not too far from that reality. Today's society and of course the new generation that is growing up is one of the most resilient and unique of all. It is a society where the search for individuality, uniqueness, self-expression, acceptance and most important of all, self-discovery are pursued; consequently turning into moments that shape our way of living. It is because of all these principles that R Gene was created; a fashion line that is unique, gender less and  above all does not sacrifice design elements to achieve a gender fluid aesthetic.  Each garment has been carefully design with a deep understanding of what makes us unique to our specific gender, creating a lifestyle for any one that wishes to break the stereotype that makes society’s clothing norm.  A skirt and a pant will always be a skirt and a pant; it is up to us to change the way people see these. We are not trying to eradicate gender but more so to show that clothing is just clothing and that society itself is the one that awards the meaning and power associated with unique pieces of clothing that makes one particular gender over another. Our state of mind of inclusion, acceptance and uniqueness is the perfect retail balance where no matter how you look, who you decide to be or what you like to wear, there will be a clothing line that dares to be as bold and unique as you are.


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As part of our commitment to the community and our home town in Little Rock, Arkansas, R Gene has partnered with various non-profit organizations in the hopes that our message of self-discovery and acceptance becomes one with the community. As such R Gene commits season after season with human resource, material and metallic support to those in need.


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